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Back Saturday 25th January 2020 Tackling condensation in your conservatory Now that winter is here, many of us choose to stay at home where it’s nice and warm, turning the heating up full blast and admiring the winter weather from a far.

However, the cold weather is often matched with the all too familiar appearance of condensation on your conservatory and windows.

Condensations in conservatories
is a really common problem, but it can be easily resolved!

What are the causes of condensation in a conservatory?

It’s often assumed that the appearance of condensation is a bad thing, however that’s not always the case.

If the condensation forms on the outside of your windows, it means that your windows and conservatory are working exactly as they should be. It indicates that the windows are performing well by keeping the warm air in, and the cold air out.

However, if you find condensation on the inside of your windows, this can become an issue.
Condensation on the inside of your conservatory is a common concern for many conservatories. It’s mainly caused when your home is nice and warm and the air outside is cold. The technical term for this is the ‘dew point’, where cold and warm air meets and the water vapour in the air condenses,
ultimately leaving droplets of water on the inside of the cold windows.

How to prevent condensation forming in your conservatory

A conservatory itself doesn’t directly cause condensation, it’s simply just a result of our day to day lives.

As we enter the colder months, we like to keep our homes as warm as possible, and as we turn up the heating and keep the windows shut, the lack of ventilation causes moisture to build up in the air, thus forming water vapour that condenses to water as it hits the cold glass surfaces of the conservatory.

Our daily activities such as cooking, cleaning and drying clothes also adds to the water vapour in the air!

Luckily, there’s lots that can be done to help ease and prevent condensation in your conservatory. Here are 4 of our top tips:

1. Keep the space well-ventilated

If your conservatory isn’t ventilated properly, condensation can easily build up.
A simple solution is to open your windows slightly whilst you have the heating on, as this helps the air to flow properly around your conservatory and reduces the water vapour in the air.
It is also a great idea to keep your windows open when you cook and clean!

2. Don’t dry clothes in your conservatory

Drying your clothes inside on your radiators or on airers in your conservatory may be the most convenient option, however, this causes lots of moisture to build up, leading to condensation.
It’s a much better option to hang your clothing outside to dry or by using a tumble dryer instead.

3. Try a dehumidifier

If you find that there’s a specific area of your conservatory that is quite damp, it might be a good idea to get a dehumidifier.

These work by drawing out the moisture from the air, thus stopping it from hitting your conservatory glass and forming condensation.

4. Consider your furnishings

It’s best to make sure that your furniture isn’t placed right against the glass in your conservatory, and your curtains or blinds aren’t too heavy against the windows, as this can all contribute to trapping moisture.

Air needs to flow freely throughout your conservatory to reduce the chance of condensation forming.

Replacing your conservatory roof

If your conservatory could do with an upgrade, replacing the conservatory roof is a great option. A solid conservatory roof is ideal for creating a warm, ventilated living space with better all-round thermal efficiency.

It’s one less cold glass surface for condensation to form on, and helps air to flow freely throughout while keeping the warmth in.

Choose a conservatory by Berben

If you’re looking for a brand-new conservatory, or would like to completely replace your old one, we can help here at Berben.

We can design, supply and install a wide range of conservatory styles that offer excellent thermal efficiency, so you won’t have to worry about condensation!

Our conservatories are available with lots of designs and styles to suit your home perfectly, including Edwardian and Victorian, Gable-end, Lean-to, P-Shape and T-Shape options.

If you would like more information and advice on our conservatories, get in touch with our expert team. You can call us on 0121 647 5130 or email at
Berben Conservatory Installation

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